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70th CFA Institute Annual Conference

Sharpen Your Investment Edge
21–24 May 2017
Pennsylvania Convention Center
Philadelphia, PA, USA

Hosted with CFA Society Philadelphia

The risks, opportunities, and challenges facing the global investment profession are as complex as ever and investment professionals must remain current. If you attend only one investment conference each year, make sure it’s the CFA Institute Annual Conference.

The flagship CFA Institute Annual Conference rotates continents and is one of the investment industry’s largest and longest running educational gatherings of investment professionals, attracting as many as 1,800 delegates from 70 countries and regions in prior years. Speakers include top economists, prominent investors, bestselling investment authors, and governmental and regulatory leaders who share insights on today’s most critical investment issues, examine market trends, uncover new investment opportunities, and deliver practical investment advice.

  • Refresh your skills with new ideas and research on a full range of investment topics
  • Network with investment peers from around the world
  • Explore global and regional financial trends
  • Examine new investment opportunities and risks
  • Hear from luminaries in the profession, including leading researchers, noted economists, and successful practitioners

Save the Date!

Watch the video to learn more about the 70th CFA Institute Annual Conference

We encourage you to join your fellow investment professionals for world-renowned speakers, learning sessions, and networking events in the heart of the city. 

Please contact us to be notified when registration opens.

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