The Economist’s “Most Important Ideas in a Post-Crisis World”


We are committed to hosting some of the industry’s most prominent and influential minds at our events, exploring important issues that affect the financial world.

That’s why you shouldn’t be be surprised to hear that The Economist‘s recent survey of more than 50 prominent economists found that Raghuram G. Rajan, the Eric J. Gleacher Distinguished Service Professor of Finance at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and speaker at our 64th Annual Conference, is the number one economist with the most important ideas in a post-crisis world. What might surprise you is that The Economist‘s list of the top five economists with the most important ideas in a post-crisis world features three other past speakers from CFA Institute events:

Robert J. Shiller of Yale University has spoken at four past CFA Institute events, and he most recently spoke on the implications of behavioral finance for real estate and other markets at our 60th CFA Institute Annual Conference, held in New York in 2007. You can watch webcasts from Professor Shiller’s presentations at the CFA Institute Risk Symposium and 60th CFA Institute Annual Conference. Professor Shiller tied for second place on the list with Kenneth Rogoff.

Kenneth Rogoff of Harvard University gave a presentation on understanding financial crises at last year’s annual conference in Boston. You can read our coverage of Kenneth Rogoff’s presentations at last year’s annual conference blog, and watch his post-conference interview with FOX news.

New York University’s Nouriel Roubini, who tied for fourth place with Barry Eichengreen on the list, spoke at our 2009 CFA Institute Annual Conference, held in Orlando, and at our Third Annual European Investment Conference, held in Copenhagen in 2010. Webcasts of Professor Roubini’s presentations from the 2009 CFA Institute Annual Conference and the CFA Society of the UK are also available online.

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