Arrive Early for Extra Insight


The 64th CFA Institute Annual Conference kicks off with Liaquat Ahamed’s opening address on Sunday evening, but you should arrive early to attend one of Sunday’s workshop sessions.

A separate registration fee applies to register for the workshops, which have been designed to enhance investment practitioners’ knowledge, help them understand and apply new ideas, and contribute to their effectiveness in serving their clients.

Increase your knowledge and enhance your skills by registering for one of these workshops taking place at 11:30 on Sunday, 8 May:

10th Annual Research for the Practitioner Workshop: Managing Portfolio Risks in a World of Uncertainty
How should investors define and measure risk? What types of risk are most important, and how can investors avoid common pitfalls? And, have recent market events fundamentally changed the way these questions should be answered? At this workshop, speakers will draw from work supported by the Research Foundation of CFA Institute to offer insights into risk capital allocation approaches, ways to manage behavioral risks, and the importance of liquidity risk, counterparty risk, systemic risk, and the effects of leverage.

Wealth Management Workshop: Building Your Business during Volatile Times
This workshop looks at ways to improve business development strategies and capitalize on the opportunities that exist in the current market environment for wealth managers looking to build their business further. Arranged in three parts, the first session offers practical tips on implementing marketing strategies for firms and individuals. The second session looks at social media and how to use emerging communication tools effectively. In the final session, participants are challenged to begin implementing these ideas with guided exercises.

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