Author Events at the Annual Conference


Developing keen financial insights is only part of what it takes to be a great analyst — it’s equally important to share those insights with others clearly and effectively, whether you are doing it from the halls of a university, the pages of a newspaper, or a private newsletter shared only with your clients.

That’s why so many speakers and moderators at this year’s annual conference are also bestselling authors — they are able to communicate their important ideas both in person and on the page. This year, our on-site bookstore will feature some of the critically acclaimed books written by these authors as well as other titles of interest for financial professionals.

Selected authors will also be holding book signings throughout the conference. It’s your chance to have them autograph your new purchases or old favorites that you’ve brought from your personal library. Check the schedule below to see when your favorite author will be signing:

Sunday, 8 May
Liaquat Ahamed: 18:00–18:30

Monday, 9 May
James Grant: 10:00–10:30
Russell Napier, ASIP: 17:25–18:00

Tuesday, 10 May
Meir Statman: 13:30–14:00
James B. Clunie, CFA, ASIP: 16:05–16:25
Axel Merk: 16:05–16:25
John Authers: 17:25–18:00
Andrew Smithers: 17:25–18:00
Sandy Nairn, CFA, ASIP: 17:25–18:00

Wednesday, 11 May
Raghuram G. Rajan: 10:00–10:30
Jim Rogers: 10:00–10:30

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