Annual Conference Delegate Demographics: Home Countries


The CFA Charter is a mark of distinction in the global investment community, and to that end we try to involve ideas and individuals from all parts of the world when planning our events. Reviewing the home countries of the delegates who have registered for the Annual Conference is another way we look at demographic information to measure our success.

Global Representation
A breakdown of delegates by region shows that the majority of them (48.5%) hail from countries within the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region. Considering that Edinburgh is about as far as one can get from the Asia Pacific (AP) region, having 6.7% of the delegates hailing from AP societies is also a respectable showing — we expect this percentage to be significantly higher at our 2013 annual conference in Singapore. (View a larger version of the chart.)

The Big Ten
More than 50 countries have delegates participating in the Annual Conference, and a review of the ten countries with the most delegates shows that all three regions are well represented. Seven of the top ten countries are in the EMEA region. The countries are:

United States
United Kingdom
South Africa

Interestingly enough, the next two most represented countries were Mexico and India, tied with an equal number of delegates attending the conference.

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