David Hale Looks at Emerging Markets

David Hale, Chairman, David Hale Global Economics

David Hale is founding chairman of David Hale Global Economics and global economic adviser to the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. During his career, he has closely followed economic issues and tracked the effect they have on the global economy in his capacity as chief economist for Zurich Financial Services and for his testimony before U.S. Congressional committees. At the 65th CFA Institute Annual Conference, he will be discussing the importance of emerging markets.

Investing in emerging markets has been a major topic of discussion for 2012, and investors following the global economy have been closely tracking Africa and China and their exposure to (and influence on) the problems of the global economy. In January, Hale spoke with Geoff Candy of Mineweb.com in an interview where he discussed China’s increased influence on the price of base metals, including gold, and what that means for global demand. 

David Hale’s book, What’s Next?: Unconventional Wisdom on the Future of the World Economy, includes research on emerging markets, looking at individual countries and how they interact in the larger world economy. It also examines possible economic scenarios that could play out over the coming years. Hale provides greater detail about some of the book’s ideas in this interview with the Institute for New Economic Thinking:Starting at 7:20 in the above interview, Hale discusses the chapter of What’s Next? written by Anatole Kaletsky of The Times of London, who will also be speaking at the 65th Annual CFA Institute Conference. Kaletsky’s contribution to the book examines the problems of the European currency and how it will need to be devalued in order for Europe to function in the global economy.

In addition to speaking at the 65th Annual CFA Institute Conference, David Hale and Anatole Kaletsky will be available to sign books at the event. You can register to attend the conference to hear more from Hale and Kaletsky in person, and follow this blog for more speaker updates as the conference draws closer.

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  1. KAWEESI SIMON says:

    It is really true to invest in emerging economies as they have resources such as cheap labour force.

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