Live Stream Session: The Flaws of Finance


James Montier, investment professional and member of the Asset Allocation Team at GMO UK Ltd., will discuss:

  • How bad models, bad behavior, bad incentives, and bad policies interact to create perfect storms for markets
  • How physics envy in finance and the abuse of mathematics endanger our industry
  • What effects these problems have on the finance industry

Broadcast live on Sunday, 6 May (5:00–6:00 p.m. CDT).

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5 Responses to Live Stream Session: The Flaws of Finance

  1. Victor Chen says:

    It would be much appreciated if a transcript of the talk can be made available. Thanks.

    • Marc L. Ross, CFA, CFP(R), CLU(R) says:

      Please let us know if you can locate one as I found the session to be most enjoyable and would like to have the presentation for reference.

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