Singapore: Financial World Leader of 2022

Singapore at Night

Nearly two thirds of investment professionals surveyed in the U.K. expect that the global finance center of the next decade will be a city in Asia, naming Singapore as one of the top three candidates. Ongoing efforts within Singapore’s financial services industry combined with opportunities presented by the global financial crisis have reinforced Singapore’s global prominence and strengthened its role in the region’s markets.

In an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, Warren Bishop — director of a joint property venture in Singapore organized by billionaire investor Li Ka-Shing, the ninth richest person in the world — noted that “Singapore is very much centered as the Southeast Asian regional financial, legal, commodities hub.”

Bishop’s assessment is shared by other investors and asset management companies. The idea of Singapore as a hub for investments in Asian emerging markets such as India, Vietnam, and China is echoed in a report from KPMG, “Singapore: Preferred gateway to Asia and beyond” (PDF).

Part of Singapore’s increased influence within the region has been due to its efforts to strengthen ties with other markets. In August, the Singapore Exchange announced that it had entered into a Listing Memorandum of Understanding with the Shandong Finance Office, which will allow more Shandong companies to be listed on the exchange.

Singapore’s own markets have been making headlines for earning exceptional returns; its profitable real estate market has been a boon to REIT managers, partly in thanks to the Standard & Poor’s AAA rating for Singapore that has withstood deteriorating global conditions. Singapore REITs have yielded the world’s best returns in 2012.

In 2013, the 66th CFA Institute Annual Conference will be held in Singapore, marking the first time that the event — one of the investment industry’s largest and longest running educational gatherings of investment professionals — will be held in Asia Pacific. Conference delegates will hear firsthand from local authorities, prominent academics from the region, and expert investors with unique insights that have been cultivated through decades of experience.

Speakers at the annual conference in Singapore will include Ng Kok Song and Lim Chow Kiat, CFA, of the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC), which is the eighth largest state investment fund in the world. GIC made headlines in September for its increased investments in China, and delegates will hear firsthand from its officials about the economic influences and business factors that have been guiding their decisions.

At the 66th CFA Institute Annual Conference in Singapore, delegates will also have the opportunity to network and develop key business contacts within the region and to connect with investment professionals from around the world. You can register to attend the conference and follow this blog for more updates as the event draws closer.

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