Social Media at the Annual Conference

Social Media at the Annual Conference

Will you be at the 66th CFA Institute Annual Conference in Singapore this year? Are you active on social media? Reply with a comment on this post to let us know your Twitter account or your blog’s URL so we can include you in social media roundups of the event.

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14 Responses to Social Media at the Annual Conference

  1. Colin McLean says:

    Looking forward to the conference. Great line up of speakers. @colinmclean

  2. Looking forward to presenting and interacting with CFA Annual Conference 2013 Attendees. @cfaseattle

  3. OANDA says:

    OANDA is proud to be taking part in the event’s first time in Singapore and looking forward to meeting all of the attendees. @OANDA

  4. IIJournals says:

    Institutional Investor Journals will be there tweeting from the sessions and our booth. Looking forward to seeing everyone in Singapore! @IIJournals

  5. MSCI says:

    MSCI is looking forward to being a part of the first annual event being held in Asia Pacific. @MSCI_Inc

  6. Richard Stott says:

    Looking forward to the Conference @Stotty67

  7. Raj says:

    Looking forward to attending some of the sessions. @kingpokhara

  8. Satish Swamy says:

    Ever wonder if:
    Abenomics is going to pull Japan out of 3 decades of economic stagnation with a weaker Yen?
    You have seen the high’s in AUD?
    USD is still the ‘safe haven’ currency?
    The euro area recession will weaken the EURO?

    Then attend Axel Merk’s session:
    Currencies: Diversification and an Inflation Hedge
    Monday, 20 May at 16:35

  9. Grant Williams says:

    Looking forward to speaking about math at the CFA conference in Singapore next week. Don’t let that out you off though… @ttmygh

  10. The CAIA Association is proud to be a part of the conference as an exhibitor (booth #C06) and presenter. We are on Twitter @CAIAassociation and @AllAboutAlpha, CAIA’s global on-line daily news service. We are excited about being a part of the dialogue in Singapore and on CAIA’s social media platform, and we looking forward to meeting you in person and/or in cyberspace.

  11. Uros Ivanc, CFA says:

    Very interesting so far… @urosivanc

  12. I attended almost all CFA Institute Annual Conferences since 1997. This conference was extremely well organized and the venue was excellent. Many thanks to CFA Institute staff and to the valuable volunteers of the Singapore Society. @AttilaKoksal

  13. Nigel Suliaman says:

    Great conference thusfar. @Nigel_Suliaman

  14. Rushil Jaga says:

    Enjoying the conference thus far! @rushiljaga

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