CFA Institute CEO John Rogers, CFA: “The Future of Finance Starts With You” (Video)


In his opening remarks at the 66th Annual Conference in Singapore, CFA Institute President and CEO John Rogers, CFA, urged finance professionals to mobilize in order to restore trust in the financial system and reestablish finance as an engine of social and economic progress. “The responsibility to lead the financial sector out of this crisis should rest with us, with the most highly trained professionals within the industry,” he said. “Because if we don’t, our industry and profession could lose its credibility and will be regulated into a state of irrelevance.”

Rogers explained that CFA Institute has convened thought leaders, including a global advisory panel led by distinguished economist John Kay, and is generating ideas and tools for building a more trustworthy finance industry. To that end, as a cornerstone of the new Future of Finance Project, CFA Institute has launched a Statement of Investor Rights as well as Principles for Investment Reporting, and is now opening for worldwide registration the new Claritas Investment Certificate, which is designed to raise knowledge and ethical standards among a wide range of professionals working with investment decision makers, in such functions as operations, administration, IT, HR, marketing, sales, compliance, and customer service.

The Future of Finance project will focus on six core themes: Putting Investors First, Financial Knowledge, Retirement Security, Transparency & Fairness, Regulation & Enforcement, and Safeguarding the System — which Rogers described as “critical building blocks toward a financial system that can receive trust and confidence of people anywhere.”

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