Reactions to “10 Pet Peeves” from Cliff Asness


67th CFA Institute Annual Conference speaker and AQR co-founder Clifford S. Asness recently shared a list of his top 10 pet peeves in the Financial Analysts Journal, and it has drawn comments from the financial community online.

If you don’t have time to read the complete list from Asness, Ben Eisen at MarketWatch has summarized its 10 main points.

At Barron’s, Brendan Conway names some ETFs that should be kept in mind when considering the idea that “’smart beta’ proponents are effectively trashing themselves when they trash active investment management.”

At HedgeFund Intelligence’s Absolute Return, Josh Friedlander says that the list displays two sides of Asness, “the serious financial analyst and the socio-political gadfly.”

At Seeking Alpha, Roger Nusbaum looks more closely at the ideas of risk discussed by Asness and practical applications for understanding volatility.

And at Dealbreaker, Jon Shazar connects the list to some previous examples of Asness publicly voicing his displeasure, including a 2011 open letter to President Obama.

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