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A Framework for Goals-Based Wealth Management

When did your financial adviser last ask you about your dreams? Or how about your nightmares? Read More

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A Specter Overhanging Europe

The eurozone needs to address its lingering debt crisis before it loses the trust of international investors. Read More

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Bitcoin: It Is More Important Than You Think

Bitcoin’s value is not as a currency but as a product of its unique technologies and their potential future applications. Read More

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For Investors in India, Reform Equals Opportunity

Punita Kumar-Sinha, CFA, expects Indian stocks, up nearly 20% over the past year, to move even higher. Read More

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Improving Investment Decisions through Better Decision Governance

Investment professionals can add value in their investment decisions through good governance — not the good governance they preach to corporate executives of public companies, but the governance of their own investment decision-making. Read More

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Martin Wolf: How Markets Can Be Rebalanced

Martin Wolf provides a prescription for how to reverse global economic stagnation. Read More

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Flex Strategies for Communicating in a Global Workforce

Jane Hyun, an executive coach, discusses the ways finance professionals can flex their styles to develop and demonstrate cultural fluency. Read More

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Video Recap: The Interplay between Politics and Economics

Lauren Foster and Ron Rimkus, CFA, discuss their leading takeaways thus far from the 68th CFA Institute Annual Conference in Frankfurt, Germany. Read More

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Paul Smith, CFA: “Let’s Make the World a Better Place for Investors”

Paul Smith, CFA, kicked off his tenure as president and CEO of CFA Institute by discussing trends affecting the future of finance. Read More

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Beyond the Questionnaire: New Tools for Risk Profiling

Analyzing a client’s environment, their lifetime experiences, and even their genetic disposition for risk taking can lead to more reliable assessments of investor risk profiles and consequently better risk identification. Read More

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