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The CFA Institute Annual Conference has always been an opportunity to hear from established luminaries with long and distinguished careers, like Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman or mutual fund pioneer Jack Bogle. However, it also offers a chance to hear from influential thinkers before they assume leadership roles in the global economy, becoming powerful financial decision-makers who shape the investment world.

In a past survey by the Economist, 4 of the 5 individuals named as having the “most important ideas in a post-crisis world” had been speakers at CFA Institute Annual Conferences.

Several speakers from past CFA Institute Annual Conferences have gone on to assume globally influential roles in investing and economic policy:

  • Lim Chow Kiat, CFA, was president, asset management at the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC) when he was announced as a speaker for the 66th CFA Institute Annual Conference in Singapore. By the time he took the stage to discuss how to invest in a low-yield world, he had already been named group chief investment officer for GIC, the eighth-largest state investment fund in the world.

It is not coincidental that some of our speakers go on to greater things. Each year’s agenda is the result of hours of research and extensive input from our global advisory group of distinguished practitioners, and we try to recruit exceptional speakers who will deliver unbiased, practitioner-relevant presentations.

The next annual conference is the 69th CFA Institute Annual Conference, which will be held in Montréal, Canada, on 8–11 May 2016. Speakers will include top economists, successful portfolio managers, bestselling investment authors, and academic and regulatory leaders, and we expect that their stars will continue to rise.

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