2016 Presentations

Delegates from the 69th CFA Institute Annual Conference are welcome to access presentation from speakers who granted permission for online distribution. Presentations are available online through the presentations tab on the conference website or through the mobile app. Access is limited to registered conference delegates only.

Materials that are currently available:

The Research Foundation Workshop for the Practitioner

  • Keith P. Ambachtsheer: The Future of Pension Management
  • Lawrence E. Harris, CFA: Trading and Electronic Markets: What Investment Professionals Need to Know

Beyond the Numbers Concurrent Sessions

  • Michael Batnick, CFA and Tadas Viskanta: How Social Media Is Changing Financial Services (and How to Adapt)
  • Tom Brakke, CFA: The Missing Link: Effective Communication by Investment Professionals and Their Organizations
  • Karen Firestone: Even the Odds: Sensible Risk Taking in Business, Investing, and Life
  • Jeremy Hunter: Manage Your Mind First: The Promise of Mindfulness in the Age of Disruption

 Plenary Sessions

  • Paul Smith, CFA: Welcome and Opening Remarks (PDF)
  • Rupal J. Bhansali: The Case for Contrarian Value Investing
  • Amy Myers Jaffe: Trends and Changes in the Global Energy Markets
  • Peter Zeihan: The New Middle East
  • John Bowman, CFA: Americas Update

 Concurrent Practitioner Sessions

  • Peter Berezin: A Top-Down Approach to Bottom-Up Stock Picking
  • Marie Brière: Factor-Based vs. Industry-Based Asset Allocation: The Contes
  • Eric Cole: Managing Cyber-Security Risks in a High-Tech World
  • Martin S. Fridson, CFA: Risks and Opportunities in High Yield
  • Rakhi Kumar: Asset Stewardship for Long-Term Value Creation
  • Steve Lydenberg, CFA: Responsible Investment: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
  • Sebastien Page, CFA: Innovations in Asset and Risk Allocation: How to “Upgrade” Multi-Asset Portfolios to Better Meet Investor Goals
  • Hansi Mehrotra, CFA: Designing the Investment Engine behind Your Wealth Management Offer
  • Tina Vandersteel, CFA: Twenty-Six Years of Emerging Country Debt

Master Classes

  • Jacques Lussier, CFA: The Blueprint for Long-Term Performance: Skill, Scale, and Luck in Active Management
  • Ashby Monk: How Technology Will Change the Business of Investing
  • James J. Valentine, CFA: Steps to Ensure Your Equity Research Efforts Provide Value to Others
  • Ibrahim Warde: Islamic Finance: Fundamentals and Implementation
  • Nicholas F. Kaiser, CFA: Islamic Finance: Fundamentals and Implementation
  • Claudia Zeisberger: The Evolution of Private Equity: Quo Vadis?

Sponsored Corporate Presentations

  • Amundi Smith Breeden: Global Macro Portfolio Construction in a Post-Financial-Crisis World
  • Credit Suisse: Identifying Risky Companies in Your Portfolio
  • FactSet: The Next Generation of Investment Risk Modeling: Managing Risk in a Global Multi-Asset-Class Portfolio
  • Fiera Capital Corporation: The Current State of Global Financial Markets and Views on Portfolio Positioning from an Asset/Liability Risk Management Standpoint
  • Thomson Reuters: How the Big Data Revolution Is Transforming Investment Research

 Additional Resources

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