2017 Presentations

Delegates from the 70th CFA Institute Annual Conference are welcome to access presentation from speakers who granted permission for online distribution. Presentations are available online through the presentations tab on the conference website or through the mobile app. Access is limited to registered conference delegates only.

Materials that are currently available:


  • John C. Bogle: A New Era for Finance and the Financial Markets: A Discussion with John C. Bogle
  • Abby Joseph Cohen, CFA: The Outlook for the Global Economy and Financial Markets
  • Elizabeth Corley: Strategic Investment Choices and Considerations in the Current Market Environment
  • Robert J. Shiller: Investment Wisdom from the Masters: Risks and Relative Values in Diversified Global Portfolios
  • Jeremy J. Siegel: Investment Wisdom from the Masters: Risks and Relative Values in Diversified Global Portfolios

The Research Foundation Workshop for the Practitioner

  • Michael S. Falk, CFA: Let’s All Learn How to Fish . . . to Sustain Long-Term Economic Growth

Beyond the Numbers Concurrent Sessions

  • Stephen Davis: What They Do with Your Money: How the Financial System Fails Us and How to Fix It
  • Michele Wucker: Gray Rhino–Proofing Your Future: Recognizing and Acting on the Obvious Dangers We Ignore

 Concurrent Practitioner Sessions

  • Frances Barney, CFA: Considering the Alternatives: A Practical Look at Enterprise Risk Analysis and Alternative Investments and White Paper
  • David M. Blanchett, CFA: Alpha, Beta, and Now . . . Gamma
  • Robert P. Browne, CFA: Global Asset Allocations: Investment and Business Themes for 2017 and Beyond—A CIO’s Perspective
  • Bryan Esterly, CFA: How ESG Standards Underpin Investment Analysis
  • John R. Farris: Risks and Opportunities in Farmland Investing
  • Amy Florian: Advising Private Wealth Clients through the Toughest Times of Life
  • Devan Kaloo: Emerging Markets—Optimism Misplaced?
  • Thomas B. Parker, CFA: Comparing Model-Based Investing to Fundamental Investing in the Fixed-Income Market
  • Ronald D. Peyton, Jane L. Stafford, and Michael G. Trotsky, CFA: Meeting Investor Demand for Transparency and Trust: Complying with the CFA Institute Asset Manager Code

Extended Sessions

  • Campbell R. Harvey: The Blockchain Identity
  • C. Thomas Howard: The Behavioral Financial Analyst
  • Jeanne Liedtka: The Design Thinking Toolkit: Strategies for Successfully Leading Growth and Innovation at Your Firm
  • Wade D. Pfau, CFA: Fundamentals of Retirement Planning

Career Track

  • Robert Hellmann: 10 Ways to Take Control of Your Job Search
  • Kyle Jensen: Entrepreneurship 101: Steps to Building a Successful Business
  • Whitney Johnson: Disrupt Yourself: A Unique Approach to Career Change
  • Fran Skinner, CFA: Three Traits That Distinguish Top Investment Leaders in These Dynamic Times

Additional Materials

  • John C. Bogle: Balancing Professional Values and Business Values
  • R. David Ranson: The Turnaround in the High-Yield Market and the High-Yield Market Response to Market Signals from Gold and Credit Spreads
  • Jason Voss, CFA and C. Thomas Howard: The Active Equity Renaissance

Sponsored Corporate Presentations

  • Aberdeen Asset Management: Does Digital Equal Robo?
  • Amundi Smith Breeden: Global Fixed-Income Insights: Managing Portfolios in a
  • Low/Rising Rate Environment
  • CME Group: Equity Indices: Exploring Customers’ “How to Trade” Decision
  • Eaton Vance Investment Managers: Prove It! The Simple Math behind Better Performance (NextShares), Better Beta (Parametric), and Better Financial and Social Outcomes (Calvert)
  • FactSet: Current Trends in the Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) Industry
  • Fiera Capital: Diversified Global Agriculture as a Core Asset Class
  • Glenmede Investment Management: Diversification Is a Free Lunch. What Are You Missing from Your Menu?
  • Macquarie Investment Management: The Great Risk Rebalance and Fixed-Income Markets: What Is Your Medicine?
  • OppenheimerFunds, Inc.: Allocating to Emerging Markets Local Debt within a Global Fixed-Income Portfolio
  • S&P Global Market Intelligence: What Is Really Driving Your Performance?
  • Thomson Reuters: What We Are Learning about Factor Timing
  • Vanguard: The Trends That Will Define Our Lifetime
  • WisdomTree Asset Management: The Great Migration: Building Core Smart Beta Portfolios with ETFs

The Forum

  • Delegate and University Student Networking Reception
  • CFA Institute Women in Investment Management Initiative: Networking Hour
  • Introducing the Learning Ecosystem
  • Transparency and Fairness: Celebrating 30 Years of Performance Standards and Looking Forward to GIPS® 2020
  • Exploring the Future of CFA® Exam Delivery
  • The New CFA Institute Career Center: We’ve Relaunched to Help Your Career Take Off!
  • Meet and Greet: Financial Analysts Journal Team
  • CFA Institute Enterprising Investor Blog: Research. Reviews. Ideas. Built for Investment Professionals.
  • Preparing the Next Generation: CFA Institute Research Challenge
  • Achieving Alpha in the “Asian Century”: CFA Institute Asia-Pacific Research Exchange

CFA Institute

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  • CFA Institute ESG Initiatives
  • CFA Institute Fact Card for Employers
  • CFA Institute Fact Card for Members
  • CFA® Program Changes
  • CIPM® Program Principles Exam Exemption
  • Investment Idea Generation Guide
  • LinkedIn Rock Your Profile Guide
  • The Asset Management Industry Guide
  • The Oil and Gas Industry Guide
  • The Value of Premium Wealth Management for Advisors
  • The Value of Premium Wealth Management for Investors
  • Why Hire a CFA Charterholder to Manage Your Wealth?
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Please Note: Delegates are encouraged to share their insights and experiences at CFA Institute events on social media and blogs and may link to content on the CFA Institute website, unless otherwise noted (framing is not permitted). Delegates may not distribute, display, or post online any recordings, transcriptions, and/or copies of sessions at CFA Institute events without the express written permission of CFA Institute.