Amy Morin on Enhancing Mental Strength in a Time of Crisis


Mental strength is important in times of crisis. For the 73rd CFA Institute Annual Virtual Conference, psychotherapist Amy Morin described exercises that can help professionals develop their mental strength and adapt to difficult situations.

Morin, who is the author of 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do, explained that being mentally strong is about thinking realistically, which is not the same as thinking positive thoughts. It means managing your emotions and knowing that you can tolerate or work through negative emotions. It also involves taking productive action, regardless of how you feel or what circumstances you may be in. 

Morin also said that being mentally strong is not the same as acting tough or saying that nothing ever bothers you. Admitting weaknesses, acknowledging how you feel, and being able to work through things are signs of mental strength.

Morin stated that playing to win, arguing the opposite, naming your feelings, scheduling time to worry, practicing gratitude, and scheduling a pleasant activity can help during stressful times. Her presentation gave practical details for being stronger when it matters most.

This year, archived recordings of every presentation from the CFA Institute Annual Virtual Conference will be available online, with additional insights and commentary published on the CFA Institute Annual Virtual Conference blog.

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