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David Larrabee, CFA, was director of member and corporate products at CFA Institute and served as the subject matter expert in portfolio management and equity investments. Previously, he spent two decades in the asset management industry as a portfolio manager and analyst. He holds a BA in economics from Colgate University and an MBA in finance from Fordham University. Topical Expertise: Equity Investments · Portfolio Management

21st Century Asset Management: Splitting the Difference between Fama and Shiller

Although he has made a living by exploiting anomalies associated with such factors as value and momentum, Asness also believes that markets are efficient, if imperfectly so. Read More

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Investing in the New World Order: Fundamental Analysis Is No Longer Enough

Income disparity, geopolitical instability, political polarization, high debt, and central banks in uncharted territory have changed the reality for investors. Read More

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Ronald J. Ryan, CFA, Sounds the Public Pension Alarm

According to Ronald J. Ryan, CFA, accounting rules that distort economic reality are at the heart of the US pension crisis. Read More

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Hedge Funds: Important Liquidity Providers and “Small Enough to Fail”

Despite their public perception problem, hedge funds are critical providers of liquidity to markets, according to Sebastian Mallaby. Read More

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Emerging Markets Warrant an Overweight Position in Investor Portfolios, Says David Hale

The economist argued that steady increases in exports and capital spending, as well as favorable demographics, means these markets will continue to grow at superior rates. Read More

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