Monday, 13 May 2019


Exhibit Hall Open


Welcoming Remarks


Plenary Sessions

Plenary Sessions feature global thought leaders who provide big picture perspectives, innovative insights, and broad outlooks on current issues of interest to the entire audience.


​The New World (Dis)Order

Peter Zeihan
President and Founder
Zeihan on Geopolitics

  • The threats to the global order are not simply serious but are also mortal and unavoidable, setting the stage for at least two decades of global breakdown.
  • Exploring the intersection between demography and finance—highlighting why something much worse than the 2007–09 financial crisis is right around the corner.
  • Forecast how political evolutions in a host of countries are interacting with the Trump administration to remake the future of every country in the world.


​Reinventing Capitalism in the Age of Big Data

Viktor Mayer-Schönberger
Professor of Internet Governance and Regulation ​
Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford


Networking Lunch


Sponsored Corporate Presentations

Sponsored Corporate Presentations offer a range of best practices, strategies, tools, tactics, and insights for successful investment management and financial analysis from senior-thought leaders at leading financial services firms.


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Technical Workshops

Technical Workshops are interactive small group sessions designed to engage investment professionals in skill-building.


Progression beyond Regression: Using AI to Transform Traditional Analysis

Malcolm White, CFA
Portfolio Manager
Signature Global Asset Management – CI Investments

  • Hands-on technical session focusing on how to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance analytic capabilities
  • Introduction to a revolutionary AI technology called neural networks, followed by a walkthrough of how the technology can be applied to an actual financial prediction problem
  • The solution will leverage the latest in cloud computing technology used by leading data science practitioners.


Concurrent Practitioner Sessions

Concurrent Practitioner Sessions explore key topics with analysis and commentary on investment trends and strategies, financial technology, career skills, psychology and decision making, and Brexit.


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Transition Break


Plenary Session