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Sponsored Corporate Presentations

Sponsored Corporate Presentations offer a range of best practices, strategies, tools, and tactics for successful investment management and financial analysis from professionals at leading financial services firms.

Opportunities from Disruptive Technology
Steve Man
Convention Hall B │ Level 1

  • There are two sides to the argument about the benefits of such new technologies as fintech, blockchain, AI, and autonomous cars. Yet, it is clear that the aim is to boost productivity.
  • The speed of the change is at times incomprehensible. Emerging economies in Asia are leading this technological evolution.
  • It is changing consumer behaviors and the flow of capital, and while competitive barriers may be disappearing, regulatory barriers may be on the rise.

From Wall Street to the World: Understanding How Indices Are Changing the Investment Landscape
Jodie M. Gunzberg, CFA
S&P Dow Jones Indices
Convention Hall A │ Level 1

  • How indices have evolved over time, from the original US equity market indicator—the S&P 500—to the outgrowth of various sectors; factors; and environmental, social, and governance indices to meet different investment objectives
  • The growing uses of indices—from benchmarking to index investment strategies
  • Key market drivers, and an analysis of stocks and bonds, including sector analysis across asset classes
  • The latest innovations in indexing—outcome-oriented strategies to meet particular investment goals

Quantitative Shifts in Investment Research
Tim Gaumer, CFA
Thomson Reuters
Convention Hall C │ Level 1

  • In the challenging quest for performance, quantitative research methods are increasingly being incorporated into the fundamental research process of more traditional investment firms
  • How known market factors such as value, momentum, quality, and more can be enhanced, and how alpha can be found in lesser-known and underexploited content such as news and unstructured text
  • The benefits of diversifying by market factors and how best to combine them into a single, regionally optimized, alpha-generating, multifactor model
  • What the Thomson Reuters San Francisco Innovation Lab is learning about deep learning in event prediction


Exhibit Hall Open

Exhibit Hall │ Hall 3F │ Level 3


Opening Remarks

The Hon Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, GBM, GBS, JP
Acting Chief Executive
Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China

Paul Smith, CFA
President and CEO
CFA Institute


Thoughts on Research, Investing, and China’s Role in Driving Innovation in Asia and the World

Hall 3G │ Level 3

Founder, Chair, and CEO
Hillhouse Capital Management Group

Stephen Engle, Moderator
Chief North Asia Correspondent
Bloomberg Television

  • Innovation beyond connectivity—Innovation 2.0
  • Technology as an equalizer rather than a disruptor
  • The role of long-term, high-quality capital in fostering growth and innovation


Refreshment Break with Exhibitors

Exhibit Hall │ Hall 3F │ Level 3


Meet and Greet: Brian D. Singer, CFA and Larry Cao, CFA

The Forum │ Hall 3F │ Level 3


Unlocking the Investment and Cross-Border Business Opportunities between China and the Middle East

Showcase Stage │ Exhibit Hall │ 3F │ Level 3

Sharon Xiong
Abu Dhabi Global Market

Showcase presentations are sponsored speaking opportunities where firms will present demonstrations and/or insights that range from product technology to investment strategies. These 20 minute presentations will take place during scheduled breaks at the Showcase Stage in the exhibit hall.


Investing in Nigeria: Exploring the Investment Potential of One of Africa’s Leading Economies

Hall 3G │ Level 3 ·

Oscar N. Onyema
Chief Executive Officer
Nigerian Stock Exchange

James Benoit, CFA, Moderator
CEO, FCMB Bank (U.K.) Limited​
Chair, Annual Conference Advisory Group

  • What is the current state of Nigeria’s investment landscape, and how can foreign portfolio investors tap into the opportunities in the market?
  • What trends are driving performance or activities in Nigeria, as well as other emerging capital markets, and what downside risks exist?
  • To what extent will the fourth industrial revolution impact Nigeria and other leading African capital markets?


Lessons from the Financial Crisis: A Conversation with Steven Eisman

Hall 3G │ Level 3

Steven Eisman
Managing Director, Neuberger Berman
Former Hedge Fund Manager Featured in The Big Short

Yvonne Man, Moderator
Co-anchor, “Daybreak Asia”
Bloomberg Television

  • The analytical underpinnings of The Big Short and the practical and psychological challenges of contrarianism
  • Assessing the remedies to the global financial crisis and the role of credit in the financial system today
  • Understanding potential sources for the next crisis and the hedges available in today’s financial markets


Networking Lunch

Exhibit Hall │ Hall 3F │ Level 3

Sponsored by ACCA Hong Kong


Meet and Greet: Steven Eisman

Exhibit Hall │ Hall 3F │ Level 3

Managing Director, Neuberger Berman
Former Hedge Fund Manager Featured in The Big Short


Brexit, One Year Out: What Does It Mean for Investment Management?

The Forum │ Hall 3F │ Level 3

Presented by CFA Institute


Dual-Class Shares: Coming to a Market Near You

The Forum │ Hall 3F │ Level 3

Presented by CFA Institute


Sponsored Corporate Presentations

Sponsored Corporate Presentations offer a range of best practices, strategies, tools, and tactics for successful investment management and financial analysis from professionals at leading financial services firms.

A Definitive Guide to China’s Economic Cycle: How to Trade China
Hao Hong, CFA
BOCOM International
Convention Hall B │ Level 1

  • A year of liquidity constraints
  • Shanghai tepid, with bouts of volatility
  • Structural opportunities in small caps
  • A measured slowdown in China’s economy

FactSet’s Trip Advisor: Exploring the Multi-Asset Class Universe
Pat Reilly, CFA
Convention Hall A │ Level 1

  • As the investment landscape continues to increase in complexity, investors are looking to the multi-asset class space in the search for alpha. But what does this actually mean?
  • Learn how FactSet’s unique datasets, entity data mapping, and portfolio analysis tools simplify the process of quickly delivering answers to your clients’ most complicated questions

The “Total China” Approach
Christopher Vass
Alex Chen, CFA
FTSE Russell
Theater 2 │ Level 1

  • The new phase of China’s transformation and its implication for global investors
  • Navigating through the mosaic of share classes in China
  • Benchmarks for facilitating access to the whole economy in China

Significant Economic Impacts and Investment Implications of Demographic Shifts
Macquarie Investment Management
Matthew Mulcahy
Convention Hall C │ Level 1

  • The role of demographic change as guidance for future investment decisions
  • The demographic factors that partly explain the ongoing Japanese recession and its timing, the European recession and its timing, deleveraging during and after the credit crisis and its timing, and the successively lower peaks in each cash rate cycle around the world
  • The potential ways and actions that governments, individuals, and corporations can take to respond to the challenges posed by this structural force and the impact on government policies, asset prices, and ultimately asset allocation


MiFID II: A New Era for Investment Research?

The Forum │ Hall 3F │ Level 3

Presented by CFA Institute


Concurrent Practitioner Sessions

Concurrent Practitioner Sessions explore key topics with analysis and commentary on important market sectors and trends from prominent practitioners.


Behavioral Factors and Their Performance in Emerging Markets: An Illustration Using China A-Shares Data

Convention Hall B │ Level 1

Jason Hsu
Chairman and Chief Investment Officer, Rayliant Global Advisors
Professor in Finance, UCLA Anderson School of Management

Eelco Fiole, CFA, Moderator
Managing Partner
Alpha Governance Partners

  • A look at factor investing using a novel and important dataset by examining the traditional behavioral anomalies documented in global data and examining whether they are also valid when applied to China A-shares
  • Presenting an empirical study that provides insight into the behavioral mechanisms behind various anomaly factors
  • Going a step beyond identifying anomalies in China or testing traditional factor methods using A-shares data and providing insight into behavioral factors that arise in markets with investors who make mistakes


Investing in the Shanghai Free-Trade Zone: Opportunities and Implications

Convention Hall C │ Level 1 ·

Eric Ni
Vice General Manager
Shanghai Waigaoqiao Facilitation Center of Enterprise Development Co., Ltd.

Lynn Raebsamen, CFA, Moderator
Swiss Vanquest AG

  • How does the Shanghai Free-Trade Zone (FTZ) serve as a testing ground for social and economic reforms in China?
  •   What can domestic and foreign investors expect with respect to facilitation of foreign exchange, financial requirements, and other important considerations?
  • What industries and investment opportunities are specifically encouraged within the FTZ, and what should investors expect in the future?
  • How might the FTZ impact long-term economic policy in China and the future of Hong Kong as a financial center?


The Investment Firm of the Future

Richard Brandweiner, CFA
BT Investment Management (Australia)

Virginie Maisonneuve, CFA
Chief Investment Officer
Eastspring Investments (Singapore) Limited

Roger Urwin, FSIP, Moderator
Global Head of Investment Content, Willis Towers Watson
Co-Founder, Thinking Ahead Institute

  • Scenarios for future strategy and the implications for business models
  • Building effective teams and the skills needed for success
  • Changes to operational and distribution models, and leveraging technology
  • Investment product and process trends
  • Purpose, trust, and value in a more professional investment industry


Risks and Opportunities in Asian Frontier Markets Investing

Theater 2 │ Level 1 · ·

Joyce Ng
Managing Director

Andreas Vogelsanger
Asia Frontier Capital (Vietnam) Ltd.

Gerard Lee, CFA, Moderator
Lion Global Investors Ltd

  • Current trends and characteristics of key Asian frontier markets and how they compare with other markets globally with a focus on Vietnam
  • Demographic trends, government policies, and other key catalysts for economic growth and investment returns
  • Investor access, repatriation issues, legal protections and remedies, and other considerations for investors
  • “Frontiers” of investing in Asia: New investment models


Asia’s Fixed-Income Market—The Elephant in the Room

Convention Hall A │ Level 1

Emil Nguy
​Chairman, Chief Investment Officer, and Co-CEO
Income Partners Asset Management (HK) Limited

Christopher T. Vincent, CFA, Moderator
Head of Fixed Income, Investment Management
William Blair & Company

  • Evaluating the latest developments in Asia’s fixed-income market
  • Discussing the implications of the opening of China’s onshore bond market
  • Assessing the importance of managing volatility in the current environment
  • Looking into how investors are shifting their fixed-income allocation in the current environment


Refreshment Break with Exhibitors

Exhibit Hall │ Hall 3F │ Level 3


CFA Institute ARX: Premier Hub for Asia-Pacific Investment Research

The Forum │ Hall 3F │ Level 3

Presented by CFA Institute


Vietnam: Is It Sustainable?

Showcase Stage │ Exhibit Hall │ 3F │ Level 3

Bernard Lapointe
Rong Viet Securities

Showcase presentations are sponsored speaking opportunities where firms will present demonstrations and/or insights that range from product technology to investment strategies. These 20 minute presentations will take place during scheduled breaks at the Showcase Stage in the exhibit hall.


Career Track

Career Track Sessions are designed to inspire delegates at all stages of their career to be intentional about their career management and professional development efforts. Sessions will convey practical insights and strategies for achieving career goals.


Trends and Opportunities in Asian Asset Management

Convention Hall B │ Level 1 · · ·

Sehr Ahmed
Founder and CEO
Executive Edge Limited

Nicolas Manset
Managing Director, Financial Services, Asset and Wealth Management Practice
Russell Reynolds Associates

Serina Wong
Global Sector Leader, Wealth Management
Senior Client Partner, Regional Sector Leader, Asset Management, Asia Pacific
Korn Ferry

Larry Cao, CFA, Moderator
Director, Content
CFA Institute

  • What are the recent growth trends and the potential trajectory of the asset management business in the Asia-Pacific region?
  • Which organizational business models and staffing philosophies are prevalent in today’s asset management business, and what has changed in the last decade?
  • What skill sets are considered essential for 21st century asset management? How can investment professionals make themselves more attractive candidates for the next career level?


It’s Who Knows You: The Importance of Networking in Helping You Build a Successful Career

Theater 1 │ Level 1

Andy Lopata
Business Networking Strategist

Susan Spinner, CFA, Moderator
Managing Director
CFA Society Germany

  • Overcome any preconceptions that lead some finance professionals to avoid networking or view it with suspicion
  • Understand how strong, trusted networks can help us develop our careers and be more effective in our roles
  • Take control of what people say about you when you are not in the room
  • Explore how networks can support us and help us overcome career challenges


Career Approaches for Millennials and Gen-Xers: How to Succeed in Your Career as a Younger Worker

Convention Hall A │ Level 1

Lauren Friese
Senior Director, Workforce Innovation, RBC
Founder, TalentEgg

Lauren Foster, Moderator
Director, Content
CFA Institute

  • Presenting key factors for career success for younger people
  • Understanding specific actions and activities that can positively affect career outcomes
  • Discussing career strategies such as “finding your flow” (versus “following your passion”)


Propel Your Career: Figuring Out Your Next Move

Theater 2 │ Level 1

Eric Sim, CFA
Founder, Institute of Life
Writer, LinkedIn China
Adjunct Associate Professor, HKUST

Brian D. Singer, CFA, Moderator
Head of Dynamic Allocation Strategies
William Blair & Company

  • How to build a professional personal brand online and offline
  • Top 10 key skills for finance professionals in 2020
  • Path to managing director


Meet and Greet: Career Track Speakers

Convention Hall Foyer │ Level 1 · · · ·