Monday, 13 May 2019


Exhibit Hall Open


Welcoming Remarks


Plenary Sessions

Plenary Sessions feature global thought leaders who provide big picture perspectives, innovative insights, and broad outlooks on current issues of interest to the entire audience.


​The New World (Dis)Order

Peter Zeihan
President and Founder
Zeihan on Geopolitics

  • The threats to the global order are not simply serious but are also mortal and unavoidable, setting the stage for at least two decades of global breakdown.
  • Exploring the intersection between demography and finance—highlighting why something much worse than the 2007–09 financial crisis is right around the corner.
  • Forecast how political evolutions in a host of countries are interacting with the Trump administration to remake the future of every country in the world.


​Reinventing Capitalism in the Age of Big Data

Viktor Mayer-Schönberger
Professor of Internet Governance and Regulation ​
Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

  • Data isn’t just the new oil; it greatly enhances markets, thereby reshaping the economy.
  • Data’s new role has profound implications for the financial services sector and for finance capitalism more generally.
  • The biggest challenge for the data economy is structural, and competition rules are ill suited to address this challenge.


Networking Lunch


Cybersecurity and Business Disruption

David Basin
Full Professor
ETH Zurich

This session will be presented in The Forum.


Sponsored Corporate Presentations

Sponsored Corporate Presentations offer a range of best practices, strategies, tools, tactics, and insights for successful investment management and financial analysis from senior-thought leaders at leading financial services firms.

eVestment: Institutional Trends—How Investors & Consultants Use Manager Data for Monitoring
Yoshimasa Satoh, CFA
Member, CFA Society Japan Board of Directors
Product Strategist, eVestment

  • Best practices for investors and consultants for building a repeatable manager monitoring process
  • Using alternative sources of data to support investment decisions
  • Understanding where institutional assets are moving and what leading indicators are saying about shifting investor demand

Refinitiv: Data Is Just the Beginning…
Tim Gaumer, CFA
Global Director of Fundamental Research

  • Tim Gaumer, CFA, will lead a discussion charting the journey from fundamental investment to 21st century data science.
  • He will separate the hype from reality when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI) in investment and share concrete examples of AI in action.
  • He will discuss the balance between traditional and alternative data and share best practice examples of how it’s feeding investment decision making.


Not Star Wars, Not Star Trek: The Future of Money

David G.W. Birch

This session will be presented in The Forum.


Transition Break


Technical Workshops

Technical Workshops are interactive small group sessions designed to engage investment professionals in skill-building.


Progression beyond Regression: Using AI to Transform Traditional Analysis

Malcolm White, CFA
Portfolio Manager
Signature Global Asset Management – CI Investments

  • Hands-on technical session focusing on how to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance analytic capabilities
  • Introduction to a revolutionary AI technology called neural networks, followed by a walkthrough of how the technology can be applied to an actual financial prediction problem
  • The solution will leverage the latest in cloud computing technology used by leading data science practitioners.

Note: Delegates are encouraged, but not required, to bring their laptop to follow along with demos and examples. Delegates will also need a Google account (e.g. gmail) to access cloud-based programs during the session.


Bring Your Best Brain and Bada$$ Self to All That You Do (Repeated Session)

Pete Ronayne
Senior Faculty Member
Center for Creative Leadership

  • Transform how you understand and handle stress and pressure.
  • Explore how tiny resilience habits can unleash atomic results.
  • Curate your own set of resilience tactics and tools designed to bring your best brain and better self to all that you do.

This session will be on Monday from 13:30 to 15:15 and will repeat on Tuesday from 13:30 to 15:15.


Concurrent Practitioner Sessions

Concurrent Practitioner Sessions explore key topics with analysis and commentary on investment trends and strategies, financial technology, career skills, psychology and decision making, and Brexit.


Global ETFs: Products and Trends

Deborah Fuhr
Managing Partner

Rani Piputri, CFA, Moderator
Head of Automated Intelligence Investing
NN Investment Partners

  • Discussion and analysis of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and exchange-traded products (ETPs) being used by institutional investors and others
  • Ways to use ETFs as a part of your investment strategy
  • Advice for selecting an ETF for your portfolio
  • Trends in ETFs: What the future may hold for robo-advisers, smart beta, ESG, thematic, active, China A shares, China bonds, crypto ETFs/ETPs

Topical Track: Global Opportunities


The Myth and Reality of Financial Machine Learning

Marcos Lopez de Prado
Principal and Head of Machine Learning​
AQR Capital Management

Mohammad Shoaib, CFA, Moderator
Al Meezan Investment Management Limited

Topical Track: FinTech


Principles of Responsible Investing: Putting Sustainability at the Heart of the Capital Markets

Graeme Griffiths
Chief Operating Officer
Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)

Thomas A. Porter, Moderator
Head, CIPM Program
CFA Institute

  • What does the data reveal about the myths and realities of ESG (environmental, social, and governance) and responsible investing?
  • How do you assess the increasing number of capital market alternatives for sustainable investing, and what are the first steps for implementation?
  • How should client reporting evolve to better reflect sustainability factors in an investment portfolio?

Topical Track: Sustainable Investing


Digital Financial Attention

Jane E. Henshaw
Head of Digital Research
Vanguard Center for Investor Research

Bob Stammers, CFA, Moderator
Director, Investor Education
CFA Institute

  • Facebook and Amazon routinely study the attention customers pay to their websites; financial institutions should learn to do the same.
  • In the era of “robo,” what can we learn from the emerging science of digital interactions with our finances?
  • How can neuroscience help us understand the brain mechanisms of attention?

Topical Track: Capital Markets


The Perfect Financial Services CV

Victoria McLean
Founder and CEO
City CV

Heather Packard, Moderator
CPD Director, Business and Soft Skills
CFA Institute

  • Your CV/resume is your future. Bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to take your career.
  • It’s marketing: What’s your brand? What’s your pitch? Get ready for action.
  • Artificial intelligence and the ATS: 80% of jobs advertised online could be screened by a computer. Beat the bots to ensure you get over the first hurdle.
  • Tell a story, start with a bang, and provide just the right amount of context to hook your audience—show don’t tell.

Topical Track: Career Development


Transition Break


Dynamic Currency Management: Yes Alpha, No Beta

Thomas Clarke
Partner, Portfolio Manager
William Blair

Eelco Fiole, CFA, Moderator
Managing Partner
Alpha Governance Partners

  • Investors always seek diversifying opportunities, and today this search takes place in an environment of high equity valuations, low bond yields, and increasing interest rates in some locations.
  • Geopolitical, trade, and other macro influences pose vulnerability to potential downside from taking on more capital market beta.
  • The merits of dynamic currency investing as a source of macro diversification and positive real return are often underappreciated and underused.
  • Amid new and alternative asset classes, dynamic currency management is a well-founded, liquid, and viable source of investment alpha.

Topical Track: Global Opportunities


Forecasting Long-Term Portfolio Returns: The Efficient Valuation Hypothesis

Niall Gannon
Private Wealth Advisor
The Gannon Group

Barbara S. Pettit, CFA, Moderator
Head, Curriculum and Learning Experience
CFA Institute

  • What is the “expectations gap,” and why does it matter?
  • Can earnings yields be predictive of future returns in an equity portfolio?
  • What does research tell us about the “random walk”?

Topical Track: Capital Markets


ESG Investment: From Process to Product

Amanda Young
Head of Global ESG Investment Research
Aberdeen Standard Investments

Susan Spinner, CFA, Moderator
Managing Director
CFA Society Germany

  • Discussion of values-based investment options
  • Strategies for integrating ethical considerations and sustainability, climate, and social impact issues into your investment process
  • Managing environmental, social, and governance risks in your business model to ensure that shareholder value is protected and enhanced
  • Thoughts on making money and making a difference

Topical Track: Sustainable Investing


Embracing the Potential of Artificial Intelligence

Thorsten Heymann
Global Head of Strategy
Allianz Global Investors GmbH

Lynn Raebsamen, CFA, Moderator
Swiss Vanquest AG

  • Artificial intelligence is not science fiction but has the potential to reshape industries
  • The power of AI integration: Human and machine
  • AI integration and portfolio construction efficiency

Topical Track: FinTech


The Art of Business Influence

Mark Jeffries
Author, Keynote Speaker and Former Stockbroker at Merrill Lynch

Michael McMillan, CFA, Moderator
Director, Ethics Education
CFA Institute

  • Discussion of the link between communication excellence and business success
  • Focus on innovative communication, networking, and influence tools designed to accelerate your business success
  • Focus on the three Cs of communication excellence, to the L-WAR (Listen, Watch, Anticipate, and React), and selling without selling to the BRAINS (Bridging, Rationalizing, Asserting, Inspiring, and Negotiating) of influence

Topical Track: Career Development


Alternative Assets in 2023: What Does the Future Hold?

Amy Bensted
Head of Data Products

Anish Chopra, CFA, Moderator
Managing Director
Portfolio Management Corporation

  • Projections for alternative asset growth, covering private capital and hedge funds
  • What should fund managers and investors be thinking about today to be part of the growth story of tomorrow?
  • What will drive growth over the next five years, and how will technological innovation shape the alternative investment sector?

Topical Track: Global Opportunities


The Implications of Institutional & Regulatory Legitimacy for Bitcoin

John Dwyer
Senior Analyst, Blockchain

Heidi Raubenheimer, CFA, Moderator
Head, Journal Publication
CFA Institute

  • Digital assets as a new investable asset class
  • A new, emerging capital market infrastructure
  • The digital asset taxonomy and implications for portfolio construction

Topical Track: Capital Markets


Investing in Fintech—Analysis and Approaches

Richard Clode, CFA
Portfolio Manager
Janus Henderson Investors

Reshma Sohoni
Co-Founder and Managing Partner

Will Goodhart, Moderator
Chief Executive
CFA Society United Kingdom

  • Thoughts on how to value fintech companies
  • The right portfolio approach to fintech
  • Where to look to find returns—innovative ideas and what is working now

Topical Track: FinTech


How ESG Factors Impact Corporate Valuations: Trends and Analysis

Jessica Alsford, CFA
Managing Director and Head of Global Sustainability Research
Morgan Stanley

Anne Cabot-Alletzhauser, Moderator
Head, Research Institute
Alexander Forbes Financial Services (Pty) Ltd

  • Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) integration and its role in investment analysis
  • Measuring the impact of ESG factors on company valuations
  • ESG: Risk management or alpha generation?

Topical Track: Sustainable Investing


Optimizing Ourselves for Expansive Leadership

Sartaj Garewal
Founder and Director
Dynamic Presenting Ltd

Nick Bartlett, CFA, ASIP, Moderator
Director, CPD Competencies
CFA Institute

  • Transforming our thinking to foster a growth mindset
  • Toward conscious leadership—consciously responding as opposed to compulsively reacting
  • A look at the 5 I’s of leadership, qualities and abilities that can be developed

Topical Track: Career Development


Transition Break


Plenary Session

Plenary Sessions feature global thought leaders who provide big picture perspectives, innovative insights, and broad outlooks on current issues of interest to the entire audience.


Disruption: The Asset Owner’s View

Alison Tarditi
Chief Investment Officer
Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation

Angelien Kemna
Non-executive Director and Member of the Audit Committee
AXA Group

Roger Urwin, FSIP, Moderator
Global Head of Investment Content, Willis Towers Watson
Co-Founder, Thinking Ahead Institute

  • The largest global asset owners discuss the markets
  • How sustainability issues are changing investment policies and practices
  • The changing expectations of investment managers
  • Time horizons, technology, and the growing role of private markets