Tuesday, 15 May 2018


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Sponsored Corporate Presentations

Sponsored Corporate Presentations offer a range of best practices, strategies, tools, and tactics for successful investment management and financial analysis from professionals at leading financial services firms.

A Global Perspective on Institutional Investor Behavior
John Molesphini
Convention Hall B │ Level 1

  • How investors are responding to changes in the regulatory environment
  • The globalization of the manager search
  • More data on early global trends

Talkin’ ‘bout My Correlation
Joran Laird, CFA
Nick Slater
T. Rowe Price
Convention Hall A │ Level 1

  • Reinforce the concept of correlation in the context of portfolio construction
  • Highlight our thoughtful and active portfolio construction that can continue to deliver on the three core tenants of fixed income—diversification from equities, capital preservation, and consistent income
  • Discuss how a less benchmark-sensitive and more dynamically managed global bond portfolio can be a more effective way to reach diversification goals versus traditional global aggregate-benchmarked investment strategies
  • Review how sophisticated investors are successfully implementing such strategies


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Conference Remarks

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Abenomics: Japan’s Macro and Markets Outlook

Hall 3G │ Level 3

Vice Chair, Chief Japan Strategist, and Co-head of Macro Research Asia
Goldman Sachs

Margaret E. Franklin, CFA, Moderator
BNY Mellon Wealth Management, Canada

  • Abenomics has entered its sixth year, but how successful has it been?
  • Which parts of the structural reform agenda have made progress? Where is there more work to be done?
  • Are the corporate governance reforms for real?
  • How is “Womenomics” helping Japan deal with its demographic crisis?


Refreshment Break with Exhibitors

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The CFA Institute Members App: Updates and Looking to the Future

The Forum │ Hall 3F │ Level 3

Presented by CFA Institute


Redefine Your Research Experience

Showcase Stage │ Exhibit Hall │ 3F │ Level 3

Matt Sherman
Visible Alpha

Visible Alpha’s investment research technology can help you and your team manage every stage of the investment research workflow, from discovery and consumption to tracking, budgeting and valuation. No matter what your role is, come see Visible Alpha’s platform in action.


Developments in Financial Technology: A Conversation with Cutting Edge Leaders

Will Andrich
Co-Founder and CEO

Gabriel Hai
Co-Founder and CEO
LendIt Fintech China

Ting Li, CFA
Yunfeng Financial Group

Ming Shu, CFA
Lingfeng Capital Management

James Benoit, CFA, Moderator
CEO, FCMB Bank (U.K.) Limited​
Chair, Annual Conference Advisory Group

  • Fintech developments: Examples, opportunities, and inflection points
  • Models of effective innovation: A look at the pros and cons of three models of innovation—technology innovators disrupting financial services, financial institutions that are building or acquiring technology solutions, and collaboration between financial institutions and technology innovators
  • The future of fintech: A look at what may be coming down the road and what technological innovation that exists today will have the largest impact on the long-term development of the investment industry


Alternative Investment Opportunities in Asia: A Conversation with Institutional Allocators and Managers

Amy Flikerski
Senior Portfolio Manager, External Portfolio Management
Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB)

Chris Gradel
Founding Partner

Carl Huttenlocher
​Managing Partner and Chief Investment Officer
Myriad Asset Management

Mario A. Therrien, CFA
Senior Vice President, External Portfolio Management – Public Markets
Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec

Bruce Tomlinson, CFA, Moderator
Manager, Hedge Funds and Alternative Strategies
Sunsuper Pty Ltd

  • Asian alternative investment opportunities from an institutional perspective—views on investment size with institutional quality counterparties, including sourcing, structuring, and servicing
  • Public versus private equity opportunities—examples of private equity and pre-IPO finance to fund fast-growing tech and health care in Asia, A versus H shares, and ADRs
  • Public versus private credit opportunities—high-yield bonds, asset-backed securities, real estate, and non-performing loans


Networking Lunch

Exhibit Hall │ Hall 3F │ Level 3

Sponsored by Style Research


CFA® Institute Programs: Raising the Standards of Professional Excellence

The Forum │ Hall 3F │ Level 3

Presented by CFA Institute


Sponsored Corporate Presentations

Sponsored Corporate Presentations offer a range of best practices, strategies, tools, and tactics for successful investment management and financial analysis from professionals at leading financial services firms.

Mutual Market Access: A New World Order
Victoria Coe, CFA
Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX)
Convention Hall B │ Level 1

  • Ways to invest in China A-shares
  • Prepare for MSCI inclusion of A-shares
  • Enter the new era of HKEX’s listing regime


Continuing Professional Development: Raising the Bar

The Forum │ Hall 3F │ Level 3

Presented by CFA Institute


Concurrent Practitioner Sessions

Concurrent Practitioner Sessions explore key topics with analysis and commentary on important market sectors and trends from prominent practitioners.


Illusion of Control and Its Impact on Judgments

Convention Hall B │ Level 1

Anil Gaba
Orpar Chaired Professor of Risk Management and Professor of Decision Sciences

Margaret E. Franklin, CFA, Moderator
BNY Mellon Wealth Management, Canada

  • Most judgments are made under conditions of risk and uncertainty. Often, however, severe limits to predicting the future exist, whether they are in the context of policy, investments, business, health, or even personal pursuits, such as happiness. We tend to look for shelter in “models” and frequently fall prey to the illusion of control.
  • Hence, we underestimate the role of chance and what we don’t control, we overestimate our ability to predict the future, and as a result, we underestimate uncertainty.
  • A good judgment process must allow us to remain mindful of how illusion of control manifests itself in terms of our ability to see (cognitive biases), our ability to act (emotional barriers), and our ability to learn (obstacles to learning from feedback).


Meeting Client Objectives through Goals-Based Investment Strategies

Theater 1 │ Level 1

Stefano Cavaglia
Head of Investment Research

Christopher W. Cannon, CFA, Moderator
Chief Investment Officer
FirsTrust, LLC

  • The importance of downside protection in a multi-period context
  • A framework for empirically estimating the value of downside protection offered by factor premium strategies
  • Understanding investors’ risk preferences and other practical implications of goals-based investing


Hanging on Every Word: Natural Language Processing Unlocks New Frontier in Corporate Earnings Sentiment Analysis

Convention Hall A │ Level 1

David Pope, CFA
​Managing Director, Quantamental Research
S&P Global Market Intelligence

Amy B. Resnick, Moderator
Pensions & Investments

  • Language complexity—Gunning Fog Index
  • Language sentiment—various NLP approaches; clouds and frequency
  • Considerations—dictionary; data


Why ESG Is a Mega-Trend No Investor Can Ignore (Even in Asia)

Theater 2 │ Level 1

Emily Chew
​Global Head of Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance Research and Integration
Manulife Asset Management

Mohammad Shoaib, CFA, Moderator
Al Meezan Investment Management Limited

  • What insights can be drawn from the latest quantitative research on the impact of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors on investment performance?
  • What are the drivers for ESG adoption by asset managers, and are there regional differences?
  • What approach to ESG integration works best, and how should investors deal with a lack of quality ESG data?
  • A preview of what is on the horizon, including climate change and sustainable development goals


Private Equity and Venture Capital: A Transformation Agent with Importance for Both Investors and Businesses in Asia

Convention Hall C │ Level 1

Claudia Zeisberger
Senior Affiliate Professor of Decision Sciences and Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise

Nathan Kowalski, CFA, Moderator
Chief Financial Officer and Senior Portfolio Manager
Anchor Investment Management Limited

  • The dynamics of private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) in Asia: Dry powder, the tsunami of capital, and the impact on valuations
  • Maturation of private capital as an asset class: After forty years of PE and VC, the model is changing to a focus on value creation and a convergence of PE and VC
  • Why to include PE and VC in a globally diversified portfolio and why institutional investors are looking to PE and VC for their emerging-markets exposure


Refreshment Break with Exhibitors

Exhibit Hall │ Hall 3F │ Level 3


Extended Sessions

Extended Sessions allow for a deeper exploration of topics relevant to investment professionals.


Lessons in Identifying and Countering the Participation, Compensation, and Advancement Gaps Faced by Women in Finance around the World

Anne Cabot-Alletzhauser
Head of the Alexander Forbes Research Institute
Alexander Forbes

Xiaowei Rose Luo
Rudolf and Valeria Maag Professor in Entrepreneurship

Rani Piputri, CFA
Principal Researcher
Aspect Capital

Deborah M. Kolb, Moderator
Deloitte Ellen Gabriel Professor for Women and Leadership (Emerita)
Simmons College School of Management

  • Analyzing factors that are holding women back in their business careers—for example, organizational cultures, exclusionary networks, gender bias, leadership models, and the trap of competent women and the need to appear likable
  • Gender schemas—what they mean and how they operate
  • Interactive discussion of action items to make changes, with a focus on getting credit for your work, making your voice heard at meetings, proving competence, showing your value, and negotiating on your own behalf


The Art of Cultural Fluency in Business and Leadership

Theater 2 │ Level 1

Jane Hyun
Founder and President, Hyun & Associates
Global Leadership Strategist and Author

James Benoit, CFA, Moderator
CEO, FCMB Bank (U.K.) Limited
Chair, Annual Conference Advisory Group

  • The macro view: How fluency in leadership benefits your organization and leads to growth and innovation
  • The high cost of ignoring cultural differences in communication
  • Navigating the power gap and the importance of cultural due diligence for your team
  • How to flex your approach for better client engagement


The Future of Global Investing: Asset Owners Panel

Christopher J. Ailman
Chief Investment Officer
California State Teachers’ Retirement System

Hiro Mizuno
Executive Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer
Government Pension Investment Fund

Alison Tarditi
Chief Investment Officer
Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation

Roger Urwin, FSIP, Moderator
Global Head of Investment Content, Willis Towers Watson
Co-Founder, Thinking Ahead Institute

  • Comparisons of fund objectives, structure, governance, and investment approach among large asset owners—how have they changed over time, and what might they look like in the future
  • How do asset owners view the asset manager relationship? Do managers adequately understand the needs of asset owners, and how are the relationships evolving? How do asset owners view financial technology, direct investments, and other potentially disintermediating forces?
  • How are asset owners currently approaching “solution-based” investment strategies, such as ESG, impact investing, and activist investing, and how do they build appropriate cultures to support favored investment approaches?
  • How are asset owners dealing with the investment challenges presented by a persistent low-rate environment, and where are they finding new investment opportunities? How do they approach portfolio management issues, such as risk management, hedging, and liability matching?


Incorporating Geopolitical Analysis into Your Investment Process

Convention Hall B │ Level 1 ·

Matt Gertken
Associate Vice President, Geopolitical Strategy
BCA Research

Larry Cao, CFA, Moderator
Director, Content
CFA Institute

  • Why geopolitics shouldn’t be ignored or assumed away in the investment process
  • How to utilize a methodological approach when incorporating geopolitical analysis into your investment decision-making process
  • Three case studies: US politics, US–China tensions, and euro area political risk
  • An assessment of the geopolitical outlook and its impact on markets


Networking Reception and Dinner

Grand Hall │ Level 3

Join us for dinner and networking in the Grand Hall (Level 3) at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Delegates will experience an oriental extravaganza by immersing themselves in different Hong Kong movie scenes and local cuisine. Treat your palate to the most tantalizing flavors, from street food to fine dining.

Hong Kong–style entertainment will add excitement to the evening.

This reception is included in the delegate fee. Dress is business casual.