Wednesday, 16 May 2018


Exhibit Hall Open


Conference Remarks


Crypto-Assets: Redefining a New Asset Class

Sandra Ro
Founder and Managing Partner
Vector Crypto Capital LLC

  • What are crypto-assets and cryptocurrencies? What are the investment and trading implications of this new asset class?
  • What are ICOs (initial coin offerings), and what impact do they have on traditional fundraising models?
  • What are the opportunities, potential risks, and regulatory issues?


Short Takes: New Perspectives on the Future of Global Investing

Three CFA charterholders from around the globe address the conference theme in short, dynamic presentations, highlighting what they see as the significant issues faced by global investors.

Investing in Happiness
Altaaf Aboo, CFA
Senior Investment Associate
Edge Growth

  • Unique investment insights gained from growing up in a developing nation
  • Overview of the global trend toward impact investing through a personal lens
  • How we can change the world without giving up on return

Time Is of the Essence! Resolving the Time Incongruency Beta Bias
Brindha Gunasingham, CFA
Managing Director
FitzBiz Investment Analysis & Strategy

  • The surprising impact of time on goals-based investing
  • Insights into the beta bias caused by changing investment horizons
  • Harnessing this bias to enhance potential investment outcomes

Transforming Traditional Analysis Using Artificial Intelligence
Malcolm White, CFA
​Portfolio Manager
CI Investments Inc.

  • Experiences from writing an artificial intelligence application that can read financial transcripts, a traditional function of CFA charterholders
  • Where AI is heading and the pros and cons of the technology
  • Inspiration for CFA charterholders to embrace AI to stay relevant and enhance their productivity


Thinking, Fast and Slow

2002 Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences
Professor Emeritus, Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University

  • The role of intuition and reasoning in human decision making
  • The causes and consequences of overconfidence
  • The problem of utility