2:15–3:15 p.m.

Advising Private Wealth Clients through the Toughest Times of Life

113 │ Level 1

Corgenius, Inc.

  • Gain practical, proven skills to turn the awkward and mistake-prone time when a client experiences a family member’s death into an opportunity to make more of an impact on your client relationships than your financial savvy ever did
  • Understand the best way to answer the dreaded “bad news” phone call (hint: Don’t say, “I’m so sorry”), the differences between how men and women grieve, and how to deal with irrational financial fears
  • Learn to bring humor into meetings, help clients make wise decisions in the midst of loss, and raise the bar in ways that others can’t because they’ve never been taught

Christopher W. Cannon, CFA, Moderator
Chief Investment Officer
FirsTrust, LLC

Private Wealth Management Track