3:45–4:30 p.m.

Are ETFs the Panacea? Exploring the Intrinsic Risks and Opportunities of ETF Trading

Samantha Merwin, CFA
Head of Markets Advocacy for ETF and Index Investing Markets & Investments​

Steve Oh
Head of ETF Listings​

Jayesh D. Bhansali, CFA, Moderator
Chief Investment Officer

  • What are ETFS? What product flavors (e.g., passive, active, smart beta, and multi-asset) are in the market now?
  • What are the benefits of adding ETFs to your investment portfolio, and how should you approach ETF investing?
  • Have ETFs truly been tested in a period of high market volatility? Do they pose a systemic risk or the potential for material, sustained, and widespread losses due to some sort of market breakdown?
  • What are regulators thinking about at this time?
  • Do ETFs carry a liquidity risk? Should we think of ETFs as truly transparent vehicles, and does that matter?

Specialty Focus Area: Alternative Investing