1:45–3:15 p.m.

Cultural Fluency: The Art of Connecting in Global Business

Jane Hyun
​​Founder and President, Hyun & Associates​
Global Leadership Strategist and Author

Richard Fernand, Moderator
Global Content Director, Professional Learning
CFA Institute

  • The globally connected workplace demands more agility in our ability to understand differences in motivations, values, and communication patterns.
  • Culture affects interpersonal dynamics, including styles of communication; how you relate to clients, colleagues, and team members; and our approach to critical business problems.
  • Without navigation tools, you may neglect culture issues, leading to disengagement, attrition, or delayed innovation.
  • Discover what it means to be a “fluent leader,” the skill of “flexing,” and how to understand the unwritten “code” for navigating differences and strengthening relationships with others.

Specialty Focus Area: Career Development