Global Private Wealth Management

Capital Suites 10/11/12 │ Level 3

Philip Marcovici
Offices of Philip Marcovici

Blair duQuesnay, CFA, Moderator
Investment Adviser
Ritholtz Wealth Management

  • Global regulatory trends in tax transparency and compliance and the massive impact on private wealth management
  • The evolving needs of today’s international wealth owners and the changing role of advisers in the decade ahead
  • How advisers can best use trusts, insurance, and other tools of wealth management in meeting client goals
  • Family retreats, family and family business governance, and best practices for today’s business and wealth owners
  • Strategies for building a successful 21st century private wealth practice
  • How tax systems have to and will change and reflections on political challenges, including Brexit
  • The realities of income and wealth inequality and the responsibility of wealth and business owners and their advisers

Topical Track: Private Wealth Management