Lessons in Identifying and Countering the Participation, Compensation, and Advancement Gaps Faced by Women in Finance around the World

Anne Cabot-Alletzhauser
Head of the Alexander Forbes Research Institute
Alexander Forbes

Xiaowei Rose Luo
Rudolf and Valeria Maag Professor in Entrepreneurship

Rani Piputri, CFA
Principal Researcher
Aspect Capital

Deborah M. Kolb, Moderator
Deloitte Ellen Gabriel Professor for Women and Leadership (Emerita)
Simmons College School of Management

  • Analyzing factors that are holding women back in their business careers—for example, organizational cultures, exclusionary networks, gender bias, leadership models, and the trap of competent women and the need to appear likable
  • Gender schemas—what they mean and how they operate
  • Interactive discussion of action items to make changes, with a focus on getting credit for your work, making your voice heard at meetings, proving competence, showing your value, and negotiating on your own behalf