Sponsored Corporate Presentations

Sponsored Corporate Presentations offer a range of best practices, strategies, tools, tactics, and insights for successful investment management and financial analysis from senior-thought leaders at leading financial services firms.

Baillie Gifford: Squabbling over Returns Rather Than Creating Them—Why Does Our Industry Neglect Its Fundamental Purpose?
Capital Suites 10/11/12 │ Level 3
Stuart Dunbar
Baillie Gifford

  • In recent years, we have seen a huge shift of assets from active to passive management amid a blizzard of regulatory challenges. This should come as no surprise to an active management industry that has largely failed its clients but enriched itself. What should we be doing about it?
  • The investment industry is too big and too complicated, extracts too much money from society, and has significant agency problems. Our social license has all but disintegrated. How we can we align ourselves better to focus on achieving good outcomes for end clients and for society?
  • The CAPM is nonsense as a basis for practical investing. The structure of returns is massively skewed to a few outsize winners. There is too much focus on the zero-sum game of trading securities in the secondary market and not enough on wealth creation. What can we do to refocus in practice?

FactSet: Optimizing Short-Term Turbulence and Long-Term Investment Success
Capital Suites 2/3/4 │ Level 3
Boryana Racheva-Iotova
Senior Vice President and Senior Director, Risk and Quantitative Analytics

  • New-generation meta-optimization approaches for executing efficient long-term strategies and investment mandates incl Wealth applications, ALM, Tactical Overlays and others.
  • Next frontiers in optimization – deep dive into scenario-based, multi-period, multi-asset-class problems to incorporate fat-tails and behavioral biases that reveal how to manage short-term turbulence while preserving long-term goals.
  • Embrace behaviorism: approaches to incorporate stress tests, views, and sentiment-based factors within the portfolio optimization and construction process based on FactSet’s award-winning thought-leadership technology.​

S&P Dow Jones Indices: How the Transition from Benchmarking to Indexing Is Disrupting the Asset Management Process
Capital Suites 7/8/9 │ Level 3
Tim Edwards
Managing Director, Index Investment Strategy
S&P Dow Jones Indices

  • Discover how to determine a valid benchmark and how that selection dictates the investment processes and performance outcomes.
  • Learn how to differentiate between an investable index strategy and broad benchmarking and how each is best applied in asset allocation modeling and performance measurement.
  • Understand what makes index management and portfolio management different and how indexing is transforming both manager selection and expected returns.