Sponsored Corporate Presentations

Sponsored Corporate Presentations offer a range of best practices, strategies, tools, tactics, and insights for successful investment management and financial analysis from senior-thought leaders at leading financial services firms.

Baillie Gifford: Squabbling over Returns Rather Than Creating Them—Why Does Our Industry Neglect Its Fundamental Purpose?
Capital Suites 10/11/12 │ Level 3
Stuart Dunbar
Baillie Gifford

FactSet: Optimizing Short-Term Turbulence and Long-Term Investment Success
Capital Suites 2/3/4 │ Level 3
Boryana Racheva-Iotova
Senior Vice President and Senior Director, Risk and Quantitative Analytics

  • Learn about the role of new-generation flexible optimization approaches for executing efficient long-term strategies and investment mandates.
  • Discover the next frontiers in optimization by deep diving into scenario-based, multi-period, multi-asset-class problems to reveal how you can manage short-term turbulence while preserving your long-term goals.
  • See how you can incorporate stress tests, views, and sentiment-based factors within the portfolio optimization and construction process based on FactSet’s award-winning thought-leadership technology.

S&P Dow Jones Indices: How the Transition from Benchmarking to Indexing Is Disrupting the Asset Management Process
Capital Suites 7/8/9 │ Level 3
Tim Edwards
Managing Director, Index Investment Strategy
S&P Dow Jones Indices

  • Discover how to determine a valid benchmark and how that selection dictates the investment processes and performance outcomes.
  • Learn how to differentiate between an investable index strategy and broad benchmarking and how each is best applied in asset allocation modeling and performance measurement.
  • Understand what makes index management and portfolio management different and how indexing is transforming both manager selection and expected returns.