12:45–1:30 p.m.

Sponsored Corporate Presentations with Dessert

Sponsored Corporate Presentations offer a range of best practices, strategies, tools, tactics, and insights for successful investment management and financial analysis from senior-thought leaders at leading financial services firms.

Baillie Gifford: Turning Off the Information Gusher: Connecting More Thoughtfully
Stuart Dunbar
Baillie Gifford

  • Is “connection” necessarily a good thing? We operate in an investment environment in which more and more news and price information are constantly pushed at us. Actual investors should simply ignore most of it.
  • The technological developments that make disruption possible are too often ignored because they can’t be applied directly to financial models, which is why you should spend more time with academics and authors.

The difference between fundamental capital deployment within companies and secondary market trading, how growth companies in a digitally connected age are creating their own demand, and why successful long-term investing should rely more on creativity and imagination than spreadsheets.

Invesco: Innovating to Build Better Fixed-Income Portfolios
Tony Wong, Head of Fixed Income Investments
Robert Waldner, CFA, Chief Strategist and Head of Macro Research, Invesco Fixed Income
Jay Raol, PhD, Director of Quantitative Research, Invesco Fixed Income
Ray Uy, CFA, Global Head of Fixed Income and Currency Trading

  • Building better outcomes using fixed-income factors for more efficient and cost-effective portfolio construction
  • Integrating ESG in portfolios using proprietary issuer analysis across fixed-income sectors, including corporate bonds, senior secured loans, structured securities, and municipal bonds
  • Leveraging technology to create more efficient execution and implementation methods in fixed income

RBC Global Asset Management: Session to be Announced

Refinitiv: What’s in Store for Retailers? There’s a Fabulous Consumer Sentiment, While the Retail World Is in Turbulence
Jharonne Martis
Director of Consumer Research

  • Consumer sentiment has been rising in the face of a low unemployment rate in the United States, while the retail industry undergoes massive changes.
  • What does all this mean for the first quarterly earnings of the decade? What retailers are built to last? Which ones won’t?
  • Hear alpha-generating insights on how the 2020 earnings season will turn out for retailers.

S&P Global Market Intelligence: The Big Picture on Climate Risk
Namtse Namgyal
Lead ESG Specialist North America, Financial Institutions
Trucost—S&P Global Market Intelligence

  • How are climate risks changing across regions and over time?
  • What are the implications for financial portfolios?
  • How are the leaders achieving the low-carbon advantage?

Voya Investment Management: Modeling Securitized Credit: Overcoming Benchmark Limitations to Identify Optimal Allocations
Dave Goodson
Managing Director, Head of Securitized Fixed Income, and Senior Portfolio Manager
Voya Investment Management

  • The evolution in securitized credit markets after the financial crisis highlights the diverse array of opportunities spanning sectors and subsectors.
  • At the same time, the fragmented nature of the securitized credit universe has challenged investors and asset allocators on how to model and identify appropriate allocations to this important part of the fixed-income market.
  • A framework for modeling securitized credit and an asset allocation framework for identifying optimal allocations within fixed-income asset allocations will be presented.