1:15–2:00 p.m.

The Secret to Becoming Mentally Strong: How to Develop the Mental Toughness You Need to Reach Your Greatest Potential

Amy Morin
Psychology Lecturer, Northeastern University
Author, 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do

Shreenivas Kunte, CFA, CIPM, Moderator​
Director, Continuing Education and Advocacy, Professional Learning India
CFA Institute

  • Gain insight from a psychotherapist into the secrets to being mentally strong based on research and personal experience overcoming heartache.
  • The secret to being mentally strong isn’t about what people do; it is more about what they do not do.
  • Hear common unhealthy habits, and learn how giving up unhealthy thoughts, behaviors, and emotions holding you back will help you become more effective.
  • Learn via research, examples, and stories, and explore the three main types of self-limiting beliefs, the 13 habits that rob us of mental strength, and the exercises that build mental muscle and help us reach our greatest potential.

Specialty Focus Area: Personal Development