9:15–10:15 a.m.

What You Need to Know about the New China

Kerry Brown
Professor of Chinese Studies and Director, Lau China Institute
King’s College London

Mary Childs, Moderator
Co-host and Correspondent
Planet Money podcast, NPR

  • How China is becoming the next superpower and leading influencer—based on its size and population, its manufacturing sector, GDP, and trade presence
  • What matters to China? A look at China’s displays of military prowess, its investments in cyber warfare, and its increasing financial clout
  • What are Xi Jinping’s goals and plans? Inside his plans to make China the most powerful country on Earth and to eradicate poverty for its citizens
  • A look at China’s ideology and foreign policy, and what they mean for the world
  • What would a world led by China and greatly affected by “Chinese values” look like?