Meet Our Hosts

Laurel Teo, CFA

CFA Society Singapore

Laurel Teo, CFA, is pursuing a PhD in organizational behavior. Her research interests include ethical behavior and ethical climates, biases and discrimination, the impact of technology on organizational roles and relationships, and the influence of intercultural contexts on these issues. Prior to returning to graduate school, Ms. Teo was director, society advocacy engagement, at CFA Institute, where she supported member societies in Asia Pacific in such advocacy efforts as regulatory outreach, policy consultations, research projects, and investor protection programs. Before joining CFA Institute, she specialized in investor relations and financial communications. Ms. Teo began her career as a political and business journalist reporting in Singapore and Indonesia with leading newspapers. She is board member of CFA Society Singapore, where she also volunteers actively in the society’s advocacy committee. Ms. Teo graduated magna cum laude from Yale University, where she obtained distinctions in double majors in anthropology and Chinese.

Jason VossJason A. Voss, CFA

Content Director
CFA Institute
Twitter: @TheIntuitInvest

Jason A. Voss, CFA, is content director at CFA Institute. Previously, he was the successful comanager of the Davis Appreciation and Income Fund. Jason holds an MBA from the Leeds School of Business, but if he had it all to do over again, he would be an Egyptologist.