Call for Video Submissions to Be Considered for “Short Takes”

Are you interested in possibly speaking at the 71st CFA Institute Annual Conference being held in Hong Kong on 13–16 May 2018?

Are you an excellent public speaker?

Do you have something to say about the Future of Global Investing?

CFA Institute is seeking video submissions from CFA charterholders and members in good standing who would like to be considered to present at the 71st CFA Institute Annual Conference.

To be considered, please submit a video between 15 and 17 minutes in length discussing a topic related to the 2018 Annual Conference theme—the Future of Global Investing—that you think would be of interest to our global audience of investment professionals.

Your video needs to be of only you speaking, and it must be in English. You may use slides—though they are not necessary—and no other visual effects. Your video should show the presentation that you propose to give.

Depending on the quality of your presentation, we may contact you to explore the possibility of you delivering your presentation at the 71st Annual Conference in Hong Kong. CFA Institute may select prospective speakers to contact at its discretion, and its decisions are final. Any final arrangements for the speaking engagement will be subject to further discussion and agreement between the selected speakers and CFA Institute.

So, please submit a video of a presentation that you could give at the 71st CFA Institute Annual Conference by 1 December 2017 to be considered as a potential speaker at a “Short Takes” session in Hong Kong on 16 May 2018.

To submit your video, fill out the form below, and follow the instructions to attach the video.

Please upload your video to the video-hosting service of your choice (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Youku), and add the link in the form below. We recommend setting the video to private.

Form for “Short Takes” Video Submission

For questions, please contact

Please note: This is not an offer for you to speak at the conference. CFA Institute is not obligated to contact any speaker regarding the possibility of speaking at the conference. All decisions of CFA Institute are final.