Adam Tooze

Adam Tooze is the Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Professor of History and director of the European Institute at Columbia University. Previously, he taught at the Uni­versity of Cambridge and Yale University, where he was the Barton M. Biggs Professor of History and director of interna­tional security studies. Professor Tooze has also served as the Thomas Hawkins John­son Visiting Professor in Military History at West Point. He has advised governments and ministries, toured the world as a lecturer, and written for numerous periodicals. Professor Tooze’s new book, Crashed: How a Decade of Finan­cial Crises Changed the World, is his fourth book exploring trans-Atlantic economics and power in the American century, and the Financial Times called it a “monumental narrative history” of the financial crisis of 2008 and its global aftermath. He has won the Leverhulme Prize fellowship, the H-Soz-Kult Histo­risches Buch Prize, the Longman-History Today Prize, the Wolf­son Prize, and the Los Angeles Times History Prize for his books. Professor Tooze earned a BA in economics from King’s College, Cambridge, studied at the Free University of Berlin, and received a doctorate in economic history from the London School of Economics.

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