Ma Jun

Ma Jun is chief economist at the Research Bureau, People’s Bank of China (PBOC). He is also a member of the PBOC’s macro-prudential assessment committee, chairman of green finance committee at the China Society for Finance and Banking, co-chair of the G–20 Green Finance Study Group, a member of advisory board of the OECD Center on Green Finance and Investment, and a member of the advisory council for the Kazakhstan Green Financial System. Previously, Dr. Ma served as managing director, chief economist for greater China, and head of China and Hong Kong strategy at Deutsche Bank and as public policy specialist, economist, and senior research economist at the International Monetary Fund and World Bank. He is the author of twelve books and several hundred articles, and his research interests include economic forecasting, macroeconomic policies, financial markets, and environmental economics. Dr. Ma was voted “The Leader of Green Finance” by First Financial (a Chinese financial newspaper) in 2016 after he successfully led the Chinese government effort in launching a policy framework for establishing the green financial system and promoted global consensus on developing green finance under the G–20 framework. He holds a master’s degree in management science from Fudan University and a PhD in economics from Georgetown University.

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