Ophir Gottlieb

Ophir Gottlieb is the CEO and co-founder of Capital Market Laboratories. He is a former option market maker on the NYSE ARCA and CBOE exchange floors and a former hedge fund manager and lead trader for Governance Investors. Mr. Gottlieb has also served as the managing director of client services and algorithmic trading for Livevol Inc. He is the inventor of the Forensic Alpha Model (FAM) and a co-inventor of the Accounting and Governance Risk Model (AGR), both now owned commercially by MSCI. Mr. Gottlieb is also the inventor of the Fraud Swap, a derivative that swaps the risk of fraud out of a stock portfolio. He is one of the first scientists to identify deep learning and, in particular, neural networks as an approach to examining financial markets while also incorporating corporate governance. Mr. Gottlieb has contributed to the Wall Street Journal (Barron’s), Yahoo! Finance, CNNMoney, MarketWatch, Business Insider, and Reuters on their professional terminals. He has been cited by various financial media sources and often appears on financial television shows. Mr. Gottlieb’s mathematics, measure theory, and machine learning background stems from his graduate work in mathematics at Stanford University.

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