Pete Ronayne

Pete Ronayne is a senior faculty member at the Center for Creative Leadership. He works with organizations of every size and shape—from the Fortune 50 and the world’s largest public sector organizations to global non-governmental organizations and local educational institutions—to help leaders bring their best, peak-performing selves to all aspects of their lives. Dr. Ronayne researches and speaks widely on issues of brain science and leadership, resilience, and experiential learning and is co-author of The Toxic Boss Survival Guide. He serves as an adjunct professor at the University of Virginia, where he offers a wide range of graduate- and undergraduate-level online courses in leadership and organizational development as well as in international relations and foreign policy. Dr. Ronayne spent 15 years as a dean and faculty member at the Federal Executive Institute. He has created innovative learning experiences with an eclectic range of partners, including the American Shakespeare Center, the US Holocaust Museum, Mountain Shepherd Wilderness Survival School, a world-class rowing team, NASCAR and Formula 1 pit crews, and Iceland. Dr. Ronayne has an undergraduate degree from Georgetown University, carried out his postgraduate work at the NeuroLeadership Institute, and earned a PhD from the University of Virginia.