Sartaj Garewal

Sartaj Garewal is founder and director of Dynamic Presenting Ltd. He is a facilitator and coach and has worked with over 120 corporate organisations, from graduate level to C-suite, over 20 years to enhance communication and leadership abilities of senior leaders and emerging talent. Mr. Garewal worked for several years as a financial analyst for Baring Asset Management before becoming a professional actor and voice artist in theatre, television, and film roles. He practiced a traditional form of Kung Fu for many years alongside yoga and meditation and worked one on one with stroke recovery patients in London hospitals to improve communication abilities. Using this mix of disciplines and with a belief that the arts and business have much to learn from each other, Mr. Garewal has worked on global flagship leadership programmes, introducing high-impact, experiential interventions where learning truly sticks. His current clients include PwC India, Baker McKenzie, Clyde & Co, BMW, Afton Chemical, Net-a-Porter, and Bain Capital. Mr. Garewal is a qualified commercial mediator and fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and regularly contributes articles for such publications as Training Journal. He holds a BA (hons.) in accounting and finance from Bristol Business School, UWE Bristol.