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Axel Merk on Currency Risks: Yen Will Become Worthless

Axel Merk of Merk Investments warns that fiscal policies followed by the Bank of Japan will lead to the Yen becoming “worthless.” Read More

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Delegate Polling: Market Volatility, Sovereign Risk, and Rising Inflation Are Key Concerns

Audience polling conducted at last week’s 64th CFA Institute Annual Conference casts a spotlight on the investment risks that are top of mind for global investment professionals. Read More

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Pippa Malmgren: Geopolitics Is Not a “Black Swan” Phenomenon

“Investors can no longer say that if you can’t quantify it, it doesn’t matter,” says the president and founder of Canonbury Group and Principalis Asset Management. Read More

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Deflation Is What Keeps Central Bankers Up at Night, Says David Blanchflower

The Dartmouth economics professor and former member of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee contends that the U.S. Federal Reserve ought to initiate QE3 — and possibly QE4. Read More

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