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C. Thomas Howard Urges Practitioners to “View the Markets as They Are”

C. Thomas Howard, an opponent of the efficient markets hypothesis, advocates for a radical departure from the idea of diversification at the core of a healthy portfolio. Read More

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Essential Reading for Investing in a Changing World

Mark Harrison, CFA, shares insights for #CFAInvest delegates ready to explore the risks, opportunities, and challenges facing the global investment profession. Read More

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Insights from Digital Economies: The Efficient Market Hypothesis “Is Plainly False”

Yanis Varoufakis tests the efficient market hypothesis with online economies, and also finds “vestiges of pre-capitalist organization” at work in modern markets. Read More

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Unapologetic after All These Years: Eugene Fama Defends Investor Rationality and Market Efficiency

The father of modern finance took on critics of efficient markets and issued stinging rebukes of “too big to fail” banks, pension plans, active management, and behavioral finance. Read More

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