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Progress Interrupted by Populism

Scarcely any attendees at the 70th CFA Institute Annual Conference thought that the populist tide had peaked and would start subsiding. Panelists Neil Howe, Michala Marcussen, CFA, and Willis Sparks discussed what it meant for global economies. Read More

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A Specter Overhanging Europe

The eurozone needs to address its lingering debt crisis before it loses the trust of international investors. Read More

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5 Questions for Global Investment Professionals in 2015

A select group of practitioners that convenes to discuss developments in the capital markets — and society at large — has identified five issues that will be important to examine at the 68th CFA Institute Annual Conference. Read More

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Wealth Manager Strategies for Uncertainty: Jean Brunel on Meeting Client Goals

Understanding client goals is the key to effective wealth management, according to Jean Brunel, CFA. In times of unexpected market chaos, that understanding becomes even more important. Read More

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Checking the Math on Global Equity Prices, China Growth, the French Economy, and Gold

Portfolio manager Grant Williams used mathematical proofs to explain four key disconnects between financial markets and the global economy. Read More

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Thomas Sargent Reviews American Responses for European Union’s Crisis

Nobel Laureate Thomas Sargent questions whether American insights can resolve a European crisis. Sargent will be speaking in Singapore at the 66th CFA Institute Annual Conference. Read More

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BNN Clip: We Don’t Rate Countries, We Rate Governments Says Fitch Ratings’ David Riley

Fitch’s group managing director of sovereign and supranational ratings discussed his outlook for Europe and the United States in an interview with BNN’s Business Day. Read More

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Veteran Investor Felix Zulauf: Bullish on Gold, Bearish on Everything Else

The S&P 500 could drop by as much as 20%, the euro will fail, and the United States is in permanent decline, he argued. Read More

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Delegate Polling: Market Volatility, Sovereign Risk, and Rising Inflation Are Key Concerns

Audience polling conducted at last week’s 64th CFA Institute Annual Conference casts a spotlight on the investment risks that are top of mind for global investment professionals. Read More

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