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Daniel Goleman: Finance as a Force for Good

Investment professionals across the globe need to take the long view and bend the arc of the future away from being self-focused and toward caring about others, says Daniel Goleman. Read More

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China Watcher Fraser Howie: Faster Pace of Economic Reform Not Likely

The author of “Red Capitalism” and “Privatizing China” is not optimistic about the substance and pace of financial and economic liberalization. Read More

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Financial Reform in Asia: Sector Must Shift from Master to Servant of Real Economy

Fung Global Institute President Andrew Sheng says the central challenge for financial reform is reining in the sector, which has grown too big. Read More

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“Finance Must Serve the Real Sector” Says China Banking Regulatory Commission Chief Adviser (Video)

Andrew Sheng, chief adviser for the China Banking Regulatory Commission, discusses regulatory reform and the outlook for the Asian economy. Read More

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“Banks Don’t Fail. They Are Destroyed,” Says Nigeria’s Reforming Central Bank Chief

Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, has combined tough talk with firm action to reform the banking sector in Africa’s most populous country. Read More

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