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Financial Times Video: “Taking the Temperature of How the Smart Money Is Thinking”

John Authers queries speakers on a wide range of topics, including systemic risk, the global pensions crisis, and behavioral finance. Read More

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Day 2 Recap: Sheila Bair and Bill Sharpe on Regulation (Video)

Ron Rimkus, CFA, and Jason Voss, CFA, summarize what Sheila Bair and Bill Sharpe had to say about the current state of regulation. Read More

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Simon Lack Identifies Another Asset Class Due for Dismal Returns

Simon Lack says the US Federal Reserve has made an entire asset class expensive for investors, meaning that diversification can do more harm than good today. Read More

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Kyle Bass: Central Bankers Are Building Potemkin Villages to Deceive Us

The prominent hedge fund manager, who believes that policymakers are simply shifting the day of reckoning into the future, updated his thesis on Japan. Read More

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